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Asthall barrow

This is the Asthall Barrow burial ground that dates back to the 6th Century. It is located just off the roundabout on the A40 as you turn off to Minster Lovell.  It really is a fabulous place when the sun rises perfectly.

Colesbourne Park-83 small.jpg

colesbourne park

The Colesbourne estate lies in the beautiful setting of the Churn valley, halfway between Cirencester and Cheltenham, in the heart of the Cotswolds.  On this day I had access to the grounds before people flooded in to see the spectacular Snowdrops.

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Arlington Row cottages in Bibury were built in 1380 as monastic wool store.  This was converted into a row of weavers' cottages in the 17th Century.  Possibly one of the most visited building in the Cotswolds. 


It's hard to choose which are my favourites but I know what my visitors like

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broadway tower

If there any place in the Costwolds that gets snow first it as to be Broadway Tower.  A very chilling morning with the moon lit off to the left gave a cool feel to this shot.  To the right single foot steps in the snow.  One of the most photographed iconic buildings in the Cotswolds.

Colesbourne Park- small.jpg

colesborne park

On the brink on Spring we have these beautiful Crocus budding along side thousands of Snowdrops.  One of many images taken from the garden opening event at Colesbourne Park.  Stunning scenery with still waters and powerful a waterfall completes this amazing place to visit.


One of the most visited Cotswold places.  Thousands gather on the green verge of the river Windrush to soak up the tranquil settings of this stunning village.  Shallow waters and quaint narrow bridge are something to be enjoyed.

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my vision

Dedicated solely to the Cotswolds, my vision is to invoke the emotions of those that share love in this wonderful area of natural beauty.  Many months, early hours, patience in all weathers have been the initial ingredients to provide you with a fast growing image library.  What you see is what I saw and I want to bring this to you on screen and in print.  Fast becoming the No 1 Cotswold dedicated image supplier.     

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Your Vision

Searching the Cotswolds to bring your pictures home!
Every business has it's own identity and when it comes to marketing and social media you can make a statement with exclusive images.  Exclusive means the picture is shot for you and belongs to you.  Perfect for web branding, social media posts and printed marketing. 
If you want to know more please get in touch  

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Aerial Photography & Video

Taking to the skies for views never seen before



Throughout the whole of the Cotswolds there are rolling hills, sweeping valleys and clear shallow rivers.  We also have towns and villages rich in honeycomb coloured buildings and miles and miles of dry stoned walls.  So, what does it all look like from above?  The Picture Taker is now getting ready to take to the skies to find out.  Over the last few months accreditation with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has been achieved.  However, although I am a certified drone pilot I am in the process of completing my Operations Manual.  This means that once complete I can start to provide a service from the sky.  Bookings are now being taken in advance so please do get in touch for any aerial footage required.    


Buildings & aRCHITECTURE

Throughout the Cotswold's there are an abundance of major buildings that supply this area with much character.  Whether it's building surveys, land surveys or to simply enhance your marketing, hiring a CAA qualified UAF Pilot is a great choice.  



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With millions of tourists visiting the Cotswolds throughout the year the market for new and creative images is getting bigger.  You now have the ideal opportunity to hire a CAA qualified UAV pilot to get some stunning images for your marketing.  Whether social media, internet or booklets and magazines the Cotswolds will be seen like never before.

Footage can be filmed upto 4K with high resolution images. 

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Fun for all the family & friends including pets and pre-wedding shoots

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Personally, this has to be one of my favourite shoot requests; taking in the beautiful surrounding countryside coupled with the opportunity to have professional quality photos of a moment that you will cherish forever.  No studio!, no artificial lighting! and all the room you want to have a fun packed session.



Professional quality portrait photography in the comfort of you own home.  Feel more relaxed in your own surroundings and get that professional shot you have always wanted. A portrait photo of a family member or friend is time frozen in a frame.


Being in front of camera can be quite nerve racking.  This is why wedding couples are offered a free engagement shoot.  This is a great way for me to get to know them and them to get to know me prior to the big day and therefore making it more pleasurable when the day arrives! 

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1311 cropped.jpg



Stunning backdrops and romantic settings are some of the most favourable requirements when getting married in the Cotswolds.  I can only say that, when hired, it gives me as much emotion and happiness as the bride and groom.  No matter what your requirements, I will be there all the way to ensure the couple are left with nothing short of wonderful ever lasting memories.    





FREE Engagement session before you decide on your wedding photographer

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1327 small.jpg
Tom & Caroline Wedding-1315 small.jpg

As a wedding photographer I never get the couple to commit before I invite them for a free engagement shoot.  Lower & Upper Slaughter is the location I use to provide me with stunning backdrops and the essence of romance.  This time is spent well getting to know the couple as well as them getting to know me.  The perfect introduction to building a relationship that will pay much dividends on the day.  As a goodwill gesture should the bride and groom go elsewhere they will walk away with one free image from the shoot and an amazing experience.


My Style

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1038 small.jpg

Creative thinking

There are many ways in which a photographer can compose a shot.  I like to look around me and search for objects, places or items that can make the shot look a little different.  Giving my clients something different is majorly important to me so I think creatively at every opportunity; for example, being an artist, it is likely that you will see me placing your rings in unusual places with great care.

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1115 small.jpg


Some of the most important images I find get forgotten are the simple ones such as the wedding car.  A lot of money has been spent and is it my duty to showcase and provide the classy materials used to enhance the wedding experience.  The car and other wedding contributions have a strong reflection to the character of the couple and are most certainly a must when it comes to the image collection.  

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1025 sq.jpg


Whether it's a few or a combined collection of the bride and groom these shots should not be missed.  I recommend this type of photography as these sudden moments that would otherwise be lost can be a frozen spectacle in time.  


Most groups shots can be a little boring but I tend to break up the monotonous cliche of wedding groups shots.  As with my creative thinking I plan ahead and scout the location for ideas in advance that would make a good group photo.   


No matter how many times you say "smile" or get someone to pose a smile you will always get staged.  One of the best ways to get someones real character in smile is to step back and get in close without them knowing.  Here you can see a lovely smile that says it all from the mother of the bride.


Building on distinction and recognition

Anthony Paul "The Picture Taker" is now a member of the Royal Photographic Society.