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Those in between moments of natural beauty that connect us all

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Gloucestershire in Pictures

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The Cheltenham Jazz Festival.  A great atmosphere joined by all ages with artists performing all over the town centre.  Montpelier Gardens were host to the main attractions with plenty of food and drink.  I managed to return in the evening all be it brief as is pored it down with rain.  Great event for the town and was honoured to be asked to capture it in pictures.

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Chipping Campden

Full of history and one of the oldest market halls, Chippen Campden is a very popular place to visit.  A pleasant walk along the curved street lined by quaint shops, pubs and restaurants.  Built side by side over hundreds of years are, in abundance, some of Cotswold's most beautiful architecture.  Not forgetting the Almshouses that sit adjacent to St James Church.  In front of these is the historic wheel wash bay.    

bourton on the water

One of the most visited places in the Cotswolds where thousands gather on the riverside green throughout the summer. Soaking up the tranquil settings of this stunning village.  Shallow waters and quaint narrow bridges are something to be enjoyed. Bourton is stunning throughout all seasons and every year we have the Christmas Tree in the river.

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Keeping it Cotswolds


If you are at the top of your game and really want to get noticed then a commercial portrait will be just what you need.  Professional quality images are perfect for social media and web content.  With consistent backdrops and professional arrangement your business will be very well respresented.       

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What ever your industry we can help promote your business through bespoke images. Thousands of images are sold around the World through Stock Libraries but we provide your very own personal photographer.  We look at your business and create an image library just for you and keep your business unique.    


One of the most visited AONB in the UK we help the tourist industry showcase their property and leisure facilities through creative image representations.  We offer a unique service providing professional quality images to assist our clients in the preparation of marketing this area we all love "The Cotswolds"  

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Couples travel miles to get married in the Cotswolds.  Known to be one the most romantic places to get married in the UK.  Honeycomb stoned churches, quiet historic villages and the stunning surrounding landscapes is one of the many reasons we are passionate to provide this service.

Getting Married in the Cotswolds?

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Tom & Caroline Wedding-1315 small.jpg

As a wedding photography service we never get the couple to commit before we invite them for a free engagement shoot.  Lower & Upper Slaughter is the location we use to provide us with stunning backdrops and the essence of romance.  This time is spent getting to know the couple as well as them getting to know the photographer.  This perfect introduction is to build a relationship that will pay much dividends on the day.  As a goodwill gesture should the bride and groom go elsewhere they will walk away with one free image from the shoot and an amazing experience.


our Style

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Creative thinking

There are many ways in which a photographer can compose a shot.  We like to look around and search for objects, places or items that can make the shot look a little different.  Giving our clients something different is majorly important to us so we think creatively at every opportunity; for example, being an artist, it is likely that you will see us placing your rings in unusual places with great care.

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Some of the most important images we find get forgotten and are the simple ones such as the wedding car.  A lot of money has been spent and is it our duty to showcase and provide the classy materials used to enhance the wedding experience.  The car and other wedding contributions have a strong reflection to the character of the couple and are most certainly a must when it comes to the image collection.  

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Whether it's a few or a combined collection of the bride and groom these shots should not be missed.  We recommend this type of photography as these sudden moments that would otherwise be lost can be a frozen spectacle in time.  


Most groups shots can seem a little boring but we tend to break up the monotonous cliche of wedding groups shots.  As with our creative thinking we plan ahead and scout the location for ideas in advance that would make a good group photo.   


No matter how many times you say "smile"or get someone to pose a smile you will always get staged.  One of the best ways to get someones real character in smile is to step back and get in close without them knowing.  Here you can see a lovely smile that says it all from the mother of the bride.

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Fun for all the family & friends including pets and pre-wedding shoots

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Personally, this has to be one of our favourite shoot requests; taking in the beautiful surrounding countryside coupled with the opportunity to have professional quality photos of a moment that you will cherish forever.  No studio!, no artificial lighting! and all the room you want to have a fun packed session.



Being in front of camera can be quite nerve racking.  This is why wedding couples are offered a free engagement shoot.  This is a great way for your photographer to get to know you and for you to get to know them.  This is perfect prior to the big day and therefore making it more pleasurable when the day arrives! 








Starting from August 2017

Earn upto 50% revenue for your club

Sports photography

From August 2017 we are pleased to announce that there will be new service specially aimed at Sports Clubs and Organisations. We can now capture your sport using professional quality photographic and video equipment. We simply assign our photographer to your club and when booked we will take professional quality images of the match. Team photos and player profiles can also be arranged.

If you are a club or organisation then you can make up to 50% revenue on any online sales from players, friends and family. This means that you, as a club, don't pay a penny. In fact you will earn up to 50% on any sales from your own password protected online portal for as long as you take part. You even have the option to use selected images for your website, social media or marketing.

We understand that sports clubs and organisation want to raise money to pay for those extra facilities that make your club stand out. We want to help and to do this we just require an invite and we will do the rest. Get in touch and one of team will pop over to see you.

Bourton Team Photo-1002 U16S.jpg


Professional team photos really do stand out and comes framed with players names.  These photos are a treasure and will last a lifetime.  Team photos are a unity, collection of spirit and a team connection.  Perfect for your club's wall of fame. 

Match Day

On the side lines and ready to capture the action as it unfolds.  The pain, the glory the heart acre and the emotions is what makes sport what it is.  Our photographers have experience in sport and know where to be at the right time.  We can capture professional quality images and also up to 4K video.    

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Player profiles

Whether it's football, rugby, cricket or tennis we will capture each player in action.  The image can be mounted with accompanied information to match the player's present position in the club.  Perfect gifts for friends, family and is a gift that will be treasured for many years to come.  


Building on distinction and recognition

Anthony Paul "The Picture Taker" is now a member of the Royal Photographic Society.