Where are you getting married?

Old Saxon churches, stunning stately homes, rich green countryside with
rolling hills and steep carved valleys

This wonderful romantic occasion steep in emotion and togetherness, bringing families together in just one day.  How to document this day will be the choice of the married couple and how they wish to share their special moments.  It is a day of such jubilation, beauty and laughter that needs to be recorded in time so that future generations can look back on such an momentous day.  Choosing your photographer or videographer is just as important too so you will need to take you time.  We offer a solution that, we hope, will fit your requirements for the big day.  From dual photographers to video and drone footage that will give you the perfect cinematic look everyone is talking about.  As part of our full day service we invite you to the Cotswolds for a free engagement session with our photographer.  This way you experience our style, get to know our photographer and get to take away some amazing photos but most importantly we get to know you.

We fully understand that your decision to choose your media supplier has to be a careful so we guarantee no sales gimmicks just total professionalism from the start.        

Lets talk style

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There are many ways in which a photographer can compose a shot.  We like to look around and search for objects, places or items that can make the shot look a little different.  Giving our clients something different is majorly important to us so we think creatively at every opportunity.  We listen to our clients and provide them with a little more than what expect.

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1115 small.jpg


Some of the most important images we find get forgotten and are the simple ones such as the wedding car.  A lot of money has been spent and is it our duty to showcase and provide the classy materials used to enhance the wedding experience.  The car and other wedding contributions have a strong reflection to the character of the couple and are most certainly a must when it comes to the image collection.  

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1025 sq.jpg


Whether it's a few or a combined collection of the bride and groom these shots should not be missed.  We recommend this type of photography as these sudden moments that would otherwise be lost can be a frozen spectacle in time.  

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1042 sq.jpg


Most groups shots can seem a little boring but we tend to break up the monotonous cliche of wedding groups shots.  As with our creative thinking we plan ahead and scout the location for ideas in advance that would make a good group photo.   

Tom & Caroline Wedding-1274 sq.jpg


No matter how many times you say "smile"or get someone to pose a smile they will always look staged.  One of the best ways to get someones real character in smile is tostep back and zoom in close without them knowing.  Here you can see a lovely smile that says it all from the mother of the bride.


Artistic Wedding Photography


Reviewing our clients requests carefully we can produce something special that will be memory that will last forever

Getting to know our creative photographer

As a wedding photography service we never get the couple to commit before we invite them for a free engagement shoot.  Lower & Upper Slaughter is the location we use to provide us with stunning backdrops and the essence of romance.  This time is spent getting to know the couple as well as them getting to know the photographer.  This perfect introduction is to build a relationship that will pay much dividends on the day.  As a goodwill gesture should the bride and groom go elsewhere they will walk away with one free image from the shoot and an amazing experience.

We can either photography you or use drone technology to capture those perfect romantic moments. The perfect way to see our work before you say yes

Callow Hall - Pre shoot-7439.JPG


Video & Drone Footage



How much?

We understand that each wedding is different and is the reason why we don't offer any particular labelled packages but instead a bespoke service to suit your budget.  Below is a guide so you can work out the initial cost of Wedding by The Picture Taker.

  • Short Wedding (upto 4 hours) - Bridal preparation & ceremony £600
  • Medium Wedding - Bridal preparation, ceremony, wedding breakfast, cake cutting, first dance £950 
  • All day Wedding - Everything that the medium has but an extra professional photographer £1450
  • Drone Footage - From £295 for 25 mins flight time capture.

Includes: All digital images - Online protected gallery

Drone footage Click for details
Additional photographer £500
Photo Albums - To be discussed